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Uongozi Career Awards Gala

Uongozi Career Awards seeks to Recognize Individuals and Institutions Championing Career Development, Leadership, and Innovation in Advancing the Career and

Live you tube and Facebook @CCA

Studying In Europe; Kate Kirigo

Virtual; youtube and Facebook CCA

Cybersecurity Career Path for The Next Generation

Virtual ;you tube, Facebook CCA

Studying in the UK-Focus on the legal profession

Virtual; You tube and Facebook.

Starting Your Career in Data Science

Virtual; YouTube and Facebook @CCA

My Academic Certificate Versus My Career; Rosemary

Pavilion Grounds, Chuka University

Career Day Chuka University; Youth Empowerment.

Chuka University

First-Year Online Orientation

Chuka university

Career Readness

Virtual meeting. (You tube. Facebook)

Build Your Brand and sell online.

Virtual; YouTube and Facebook @CCA

East Africa, EMEA,Asia Pacific and America.

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